Who better than a Notary to find a match between a potential buyer and a seller for a property transaction?

As a vital element in the successful completion of a property sale, your Notary has full knowledge of the local real estate market and the legal and technical aspects of a property transaction. As the final link in the sale, he is fully aware of market prices and is therefore in a prime position to establish accurate valuations.

On a daily basis, he encounters families and accompanies them in all areas of family law (marriage, inheritance, property transactions, gifting, wills etc..). He is naturally in an ideal position to introduce a potential buyer to a potential seller.
Consequently, your Notary is available to accompany you throughout the entire procedure, starting with the valuation of the property and ultimately leading-up to the completion of the sale.
The legal practice SCP Frédéric GODEY and Anne BLESTEL partners, in Saint Pierre Eglise has a specialised property department.
Mrs Karen LA ROSA - negotiator, has been a member of the team since early 2015, and prior to that benefited from over 12 years’ experience working for a local estate agent. In addition, English is her mother-tongue and she is a sworn interpreter designated by the County Court in Caen.

You can reach our bilingual property department on the following number:
Direct line : +33 233 543 002

Notaries in the Cherbourg Peninsula

Specialists in real estate transactions (commercial and private)

Frédéric GODEY and Anne BLESTEL, notaries in Saint Pierre Eglise welcome you to their web-site. Our practice is located in Saint Pierre Eglise, on the North-East tip of the Cherbourg Peninsula.  The geographical location is highly favorable for both economic and touristic activities as we are situated just 4 km from the coast and 15 km from Cherbourg en Cotentin.

We are a small, local practice in close contact with our clients.  We endeavor to reply to all your needs in the field of legal and tax related questions.  We guarantee sound legal advice, we draw-up all types of contracts and carry-out formalities and conveyancing relating to all these issues.

Our practice has it’s own real estate department which carries-out valuations and sells properties, whilst acting as a professional and unbiased intermediary between buyers and sellers.  We are able to provide you with up-to-date information on the property market, inform you of your legal obligations and assist you throughout the entire procedure.  This can be done both in English and French.

Maître Frédéric GODEY

We are active real estate negotiators.  Due to our knowledge of the local property market and its technicalities, we have a real estate department that is entirely dedicated to this activity.  We assist both vendors and buyers.  Details of properties that we currently have on-sale can be found on our web-site.  Feel free to contact us for any further information on the properties that are advertised; alternatively, you can leave us details of your criteria so that we can send you details of properties as they come onto our books.

Maître Anne BLESTEL

A role as advisors to businesses.  With a global vision of family law and the protection of individual assets, the Notary can advise you on the development of your professional and business projects.  He accompanies you throughout the initial setting-up of a business, drawing-up professional leases, selling-on a business and preparing your retirement.

Family Issues

Throughout many aspects of family life, we find legal and tax-related solution adapted to your individual needs.  We accompany you following the death of a member of your family and handling their estate, gifting, drawing-up wills, nuptial contracts, civil partnerships, divorce, separation etc…

English customer service